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Spotlight Session – Demystifying Green Hydrogen for Renewable Energy Buyers

Sep 20 2023

1:15 PM - 1:45 PM EDT

As companies, states, and nations seek to decarbonize their operations, green hydrogen has emerged as a critical solution for addressing hard-to-abate sectors – sectors not well suited to electrification or other decarbonization options. Additionally, as the green hydrogen market further develops globally, there will be new frameworks for how to measure the carbon intensity of green hydrogen and how to track its journey from production to consumption by an end user. While the instruments used to track green hydrogen will bear great similarities to those used for renewable electricity (RECs), carbon (offsets), and clean fuels, institutional buyers will need to understand these new instruments to be sure they’re buying exactly what they need.
This session will provide an overview of green hydrogen geared towards renewable energy buyers, touching on common and emerging pathways for producing green hydrogen, how green hydrogen differs from other types of hydrogen, and the benefits of green hydrogen. This session will also touch upon hard-to-abate sectors where green hydrogen will provide the biggest opportunities for decarbonization, including heavy-duty equipment and vehicles, steelmaking, industries with high heat demands, and as a fuel for aviation and for marine vessels. Finally, renewable energy buyers will learn about tax incentives available for producers and consumers of green hydrogen as well as the emerging accounting and certification programs for tracking and ownership of the resultant environmental benefits.

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